About Us

Culture & Values

Central North West Basic Physician Training Consortium is committed to being the high achieving Consortium in the State by:

  • Strong collaboration of all sites
  • Working together to achieve the highest success
  • A commitment to achieving the best FRACP exam results
  • Flexibility and responsiveness to change
  • Encouraging innovation through consultation
  • A commitment to the wellbeing of Trainees
  • Continual assessment to provide the best quality program for Trainees

Consortium Background

The projected demand for medical practitioners appears likely to continue to exceed supply. While Doctors in specialist training programs are a major component of the medical workforce in public hospitals, the sector relies on the allocation of medical registrars to provide patient care and service. Public hospitals need access to a well trained and skilled registrar workforce and to ensure that training sites are attractive to trainees and an appropriate training experience is delivered.

The current training system is facing the challenge of this medical workforce demand. Increased training investment has resulted in additional places in most major specialties but has not kept up with increased demand for services. Balancing the supply and distribution geographically and via speciality is a primary objective.

Our focus is on offering appropriate training opportunities to enable equitable distribution of the medical workforce to meet Victorians' health needs, To do so, requires the establishment of a more formal system for determining the number, mix and distribution of training places that:

  • Is stable.
  • Allows statewide prioritisation of specialities and locations of training places, based on identified priorities.
  • Facilitates and markets the advantages of training in a diverse range of sites.
  • Supports hospitals to have adequate levels of training infrastructure that can be used by all disciplines.
  • Provides a process through which management support for training may be facilitated.
  • Engages with specialist medical colleges with regards to curricula, accreditation of training sites, selection of trainees, access to college training programs and support for rural specialists.


Central North West Basic Physician Training Consortium is committed to being the high achieving Consortium in the State, by providing the best training experience through continual assessment for Trainees.