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At the Central North West Consortium we are here to help you get the best


Basic training experience

CNWC is committed to providing the best training experience through continual assessment delivering the best quality program for Trainees


Exam preparation

CNWC ensures optimal Exam Preparation for Trainees, through a program that is strong on collaboration


Supportive environment

CNWC provides a Supportive Environment through its various programs and a strong commitment to the wellbeing of Trainees


Training program

CNWC is a leading Training Program, consistently delivering some of the best FRACP exam results in Victoria

Further information

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What’s involved

Basic Training is the first step in a minimum six-year training program with the RACP to become a Physician. The RACP training program generally includes three years of Basic Training and three or more years of Advanced Training.

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Central North West Basic Physician Training Consortium is committed to being the high achieving Consortium in the State, by providing the best training experience through continual assessment for Trainees.